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Think Before You Ink!

Some Things to Think About Before You Get That Tattoo...

  • You want a personal and unique tattoo...not one that everyone else has.
  • High-quality tattoos last a lifetime and that means if you regret it, you will regret it for a lifetime.
  • What has meaning in your life? Choose a tattoo based on something significant and lasting in your life - you will love it forever, not for just a brief number of years.
  • What has meaning in your life? Choose a tattoo based on something significant and lasting in your life - you will love it forever, not for just a brief number of years.
  • Tattoo is spelled "Tattoo", not "Tattoe".
  • Find out the reputation of the tattoo shop. You don't want to find out the hard way that someone is NOT a successful tattoo artist!
botched tattoo job
They found out the hard way that their tattoo artist wasn't reliable...

Choosing a tattoo takes TIME and THOUGHT.

Many people regret their choice of tattoo after the first year. Scores of people decide on the spur of the moment while they are out with friends to go and get a tattoo. They walk into a shop, make a quick decision while friends and other customers are staring at them, and they end up with a tattoo that they later regret. Just take a look at this girl and her star tattoos. Do you think she regrets going out and getting those tattoos with the girls?

face star tattoo
Don't rush out and get a tattoo you'll regret!
Don't be rushed into picking something before you are 100% confident about it!

Spend some time thinking about what you would like before you go to the tattoo shop. Once you have an idea of what you want, don't be restricted by the few designs at the local tattoo shop. Pay a little extra to get access to a LARGE selection of tattoo stencils online.

Using an online database allows you to print out your stencil. From there, you can take it directly to the tattoo shop and get precisely what you want. Because you are doing this from home, there is no pressure to make a hasty decision.

There are some great resources you can check out online to find the best database for tattoo stencils, offering great tattoo ideas and designs for girls and guys!

Don't get the same tattoo as everyone else in your area.

If you want a dragon tattoo and you go to the local shop, chances are they will have 20 to 30 different dragon tattoos for you to choose from. That also means that every other person in your area who goes to the same shop had that same selection to choose from. Chances are high that you will see your tattoo on a few other people when you are at your next party!

Imagine if your town had one t-shirt shop and only sold 20 to 30 different t-shirts. How many times would you see someone wearing the same t-shirt that you picked out? It is crucial that you use a national database of stencils to find something unique that fits your personality! When you choose your tattoo this way, you won't find it on three other people.

Be distinctive! Search the online database for tattoo art.

Save time...

My daughter spent hours searching through Google and still didn't find a tattoo that was right for her. Once she had access to a large database, she quickly found exactly what she wanted.

Watching my daughter struggle with her search for the perfect tattoo gave me the idea for this website. I don't sell the products listed here; neither do I own any amount of the businesses that do sell them. This was just a process that worked for my daughter...and it really made sense!

I want to help others choose the tattoo that is perfect for them. Don't waste hours of your time searching on your own...this database makes it easy and foolproof for you!